"A classic duets album where love isn't merely dangerous, but it should be illegal in every state"” - Bernard Zuel

— Rhythms Magazine

A musical union formed in Americana heaven” - Feature Album

— Apple Music



About The Band

The Pleasures are a new band fronted by Australian country music icon Catherine Britt. Formed in 2021, their first three singles to date have received heavy rotation on local and national radio, and their unpredictable live shows - masterclasses in on-stage chemistry - have captured the hearts of audiences in small, dingy rooms up and down the east coast. 

No shrinking violets, The Pleasures' sound is raucous, dirty and blues-inspired (occasionally interrupted by delicate moments of sublime country-folk), whilst their subject matter leaps from bold and bawdy to heartfelt and insightful. They call themselves a country band, but there’s as much Jack White influence here as there is George Jones  (in fact there’s plenty of both) alongside the plethora of mythologised girl-boy country acts with whom they will inevitably draw comparison. If you get the feeling these guys have drawn upon every debaucerous night out, self-inflicted wound, bleeding heart and broken bone to come up with this noise, you'd be absolutely right. 

Debut album The Beginning of the End was released on August 4th of this year, debuting at #2 on the ARIA Australian Country Albums Chart and #1 on the Australian Independent Record Association Albums Chart. The Pleasures will spend the rest of 2023 on the road in Australia and the USA.




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Australian Management: Tracey Griffiths - tracey@kickmusic.com.au

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